This sounds like an uplifting book. I couldn’t imagine being in Isabella’s shoes. I like that she was strong in her faith in God and believed despite the odds. 


I can never know the pain of what this poor woman is going through. Applause and praise for Isabella Milan for sharing her history, information on cancer, and message of faith, hope, and survival.


This book is so inspiring. I really admire Isabella! Her great example of strength and faith could be applied to other difficult moments people encounter in life. I’m so glad she decided to write her own motivational story as it can help others going through their own battles. 


The author does an excellent job of conveying the heartwrenching details of her diagnosis and actions of her husband in response to that diagnosis. Through brutal circumstances, she keeps her faith and beats the cancer. This book is an inspiration, and it is a wonderful resource for practical ways to maintain hope through dark times.


To me I think it means lot of experience wish significant stress , struggle in life and almost everything meaningful experience in life I like it


We never know how strong we are until we are faced with the worst of situations. I’m tempted to read this but I also don’t want to cry. I’ll just wait and see what happens. 


Your words highlight the author’s determination to overcome her prognosis. I’m happy to see that she talks about her faith as well as her weaknesses. 


I applaud Isabella Milan for the courage to live and share her testimony. She went through a very difficult time but never gave up. Her book must be inspiring judging from this informative review. “A book is a version of the world. If you do not like it, ignore it; or offer your own version in return.”


This sounds like an extremely powerful story. I don’t know if I could make it through such an emotional book, but I do know friends I can recommend this to. 


Love a good book of hope and overcoming life’s obstacle. Having a family member with the same diagnosis is a reason I’d want to read this book too. 


Praying for a Miracle when it’s Hopeless by Isabella Milan is a book about surviving stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Isabella thought she had it all.

She was happily married to a loving man, lived in a doctor’s mansion, and was a doting mother to her young son. Then, everything changed when she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. She suddenly found herself severely debilitated with metastases to her brain, confined to a wheelchair, separated from her child, and going through a divorce from her cheating husband. Once on top of the world, she was now completely stripped of health, beauty, and her once happy family. Today, she is in remission. This story is about Isabella’s journey that allowed her to overcome her diagnosis and the challenges life threw at her. Her strong connection to God and the mental and emotional techniques she utilized are all shared in these pages. If you’re facing this deadly disease, she understands. She’s been there. She overcame it, and you can too. This woman is incredibly strong, but she also lets you in on every moment of weakness she ever experienced. I read this book because my own mother is dealing with the same diagnosis, and it’s a challenge every day sometimes just to get through it. The future is uncertain, but Isabella shares that recovery is possible, no matter what your doctors tell you. Some of the things she went through were unbelievably harsh and cruel. She was abandoned by her husband and left to die when she needed him the most. It would have been so easy for her to give up and give in to her disease, but she didn’t. She used prayer and her son as motivation to get well, and although it took her years to achieve health and get her life back, she did it. I recommend this book to anyone fighting terminal breast cancer and their family members. Although her book seems to be aimed primarily at women with breast cancer, her techniques, advice, and story could benefit any cancer patient. This book is also beneficial to people who lack a supportive family, as she did. She can relate to the feelings of isolation and the way relationships with so-called friends change once they learn of your diagnosis. This book was beneficial to me as a family member of someone with metastatic breast cancer, because I go through the same challenges of hopelessness. I need positivity in order to keep my mother positive. Her words are encouraging, and her survival is something we all want to achieve, so I highly recommend this book. Overall, the book looks professional and aims to help women understand what this diagnosis means and how to cope. She provides detailed information about statistics, staging, and prognosis in one chapter, and inserts diagrams here and there that were clear and legible. Faith, prayer, positivity, meditation, exercise, and determination to survive are all things she credits as tools for healing. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. Isabella is a caring individual who wants you to survive. She overcame impossible odds and is now sharing her journey with you. She didn’t give up, even when she couldn’t walk and needed to be cared for like an invalid. She regained her mobility, survived cancer, and conquered every challenge that came her way. Her book is a message of hope to those who may have lost it.


First, I want to thank Isabella Milan for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

She is an incredibly strong woman who shares her emotional, physical and mental journey she went through with Breast Cancer. Many times, I wanted to reach into the book and just hug her. This is a book that everyone that is either going through cancer or has a loved one that has cancer. She shares how this diagnosis affected her marriage and what cruel things he did to her. Let’s just say that man I hope I never meet!! Isabella is an incredible writer and despite everything she always held her faith of God with her. That is what got her through this. As I was reading what she wrote some of the words hit home big time to what we as a country are dealing with today. It was those passages I needed to read as I am having a hard time coping with what is going on. I know Isabella was referring to herself and I totally got her meaning. But she also made me sit back and think. It’s a powerful part. If you are fascinated by medicine like I am, or a female concerned about her breast health you are in luck. Isabella does a fantastic job educating us about everything we need to know in detail about breast health. Isabella has a beautiful heart inside and out. She is the lucky one who survived what she did. Now she is taking what she has learned and using it to help others in need here with her support and guidance.


This is a passionate book and shows the power of never giving up. Isabella’s story is almost like that of Job in the bible:

the world threw everything at her, including stage 4 cancer, and yet she fought on. She survived the cancer and built a new life for herself from the wreck of the old. The lesson is not that copying her will guarantee that you also can survive what should be terminal cancer, but that you might — if only you fight on, regardless. Her story reminds me of that of my friend, Petrea King. When she was 32, a doctor told her, “You won’t live to see next Christmas.” She is now in her 70s, and still vibrantly alive, and helping thousands of people with life-threatening illnesses. Her tool was life-changing, eye-opening meditation in the cave of St Francis of Assisi. Isabella’s is prayer. I know other survivors who are atheists but used essentially the same tools without the religious flavour. If you have metastasized cancer, it may well kill you. Your one chance of survival is an apparent paradox: the full-on, determined struggle to beat it, shown by Isabella in this book, combined with complete acceptance of the situation, including its likely fatal outcome, which she also shows. Even if you don’t suffer from cancer, there may be terrible problems in your life. You can gain inspiration from this book and address your problems in this incredibly effective manner. Isabella, thank you for sending me this book. I am willing to tweak this review if I got anything wrong. Send me links to all the pages where it will be of benefit: the book’s Goodreads page, and all selling pages. I’ll also include it in the May issue of my newsletter, and send you automatic notification.


The author went through a set of experiences that are almost incomprehensible and finds the words to describe the journey through it all. She provides insight into her own fight for life and the hope she learned to cultivate