Never give up on the fight against breast cancer!
Never give up on the fight against breast cancer!


Praying for a Miracle when it's Hopeless

Praying for a Miracle When Its Hopeless

Have you ever been given news that made you feel as if you were a prisoner sentenced to death? That was my initial feeling when I was told I had Breast Cancer with metastasis to my brain, that my husband wanted a divorce, and that I needed to fight for custody of my son. Suddenly, my days seemed endless and my nights were tiresome.

Money was low, I found myself states away, couch surfing while on SSI, and was unsure of the next steps. Through prayer, hope and the work of God, I was able to change my mindset and how I handled the situations placed before me. I learned these were just roadblocks in life’s path. Tough days are expected, and trials will come, but it is how you handle it that sets you apart from the rest.

The story that you are about to read is one of what helped me over-come this very rocky road: praying, strength, and survival. The experience left me broken, in despair and absent of hope. Become engrossed in the pages as I rediscover my purpose. My ability to hope again. Live again. Dream again.

My hope is that you will find strength and encouragement in the pages of my book to help you overcome the struggles, roadblocks and challenges in your life.

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